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Amersfoort - 30 januari 2022

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Getting there

  • The Eemplein, both the start and endlocation of the Woonrevolte, is close to the Amersfoort Central Station, and can be reached by foot. Take the north exit of the station to the Mondriaanplein (not the main exit), follow the Mondriaanlaan to the right until you reach the roundabout. Then, pass the Pathebuilding on the left and follow the Eemlaan until the water and then turn right to reach the startlocation of the Woonrevolte.

  • If you are using a wheelchair, then the easiest way back is probably also the Eemlaan to the north entrance of the station, because the Stationsstraat at the other side of the railroad is going up a hill.

  • Use the station main exit if you want to take the bus. Almost all buses towards Amersfoort-North pass the Eemplein busstop. From this busstop walk back towards the roundabout and then follow the Eemlaan on the left side of the Pathebuilding towards the water. Turn right at the water to reach the startlocation of the Woonrevolte. On your way back you can use the same busstop on the other side of the road, almost all busses that pass here go towards Amersfoort Central Station.

  • Are you coming by car? There are multiple parking garages in the neighbourhood of the Eemplein. The garages on the Eemlaan and the Sint Jorisplein are accessible for everyone and are marked by us with a blue P on the map below. There is also a parking garage under the Stadhuisplein, but it has only stairs and no elevators!