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Amersfoort - 30 januari 2022

There is a housing crisis in the Netherlands, and in Amersfoort as well! Political choices have made renting unaffordable and houses are being bought out by investers who chase up housing prices for their own profits. Housing is a right, not a revenue model!

Less and less people can find a home and homelessness is a problem that affects more and more people. Temporary rental contracts are on the rise, and people who are desperately searching for a roof above their heads are played out against eachother by antisquat companies and slum landlords. Deceiving politicians are blaming refugees and other groups of people for the housing shortage while these politicians themselves are the cause of the housing crisis.

Working class people are chased away from their own neighborhoods by gentrification. In the neighborhood Jericho, people who have been living their all their lives are now being told that their houses will be demolished because Amersfoort prefers to reserve other available locations in the city for people with higher incomes.

The housing crisis is related to the climate crisis. Way too often, social tenants are still living in drafty houses full of moisture and fungi, and paying too much rent due to rising energy prices. Social housing associations are not spending enough on maintenance and are abusing sustainability to justify the demolishment of the neighborhood Jericho.

Therefor, it is time to rise up! Protests have already been organised in many cities: In Amsterdam, Arnhem, Den Haag, Groningen, Nijmegen, Rotterdam, Tilburg and Utrecht. But it should not end there. That is why we now also go out onto the streets of Amersfoort to demand our right to housing!

Our protest, Woonrevolte Amersfoort, will be organised on januari 30th. The exact time and location will follow. In the mean time, please join us as a volunteer or support us with a donation so that in Amersfoort the housing protest will also be heard loud and clear!

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Time and location


Eemplein, Amersfoort


Sunday, 30 januari 2022



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At this moment, Woonrevolte Amersfoort is supported by the following organisations:


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Amersfoort Voor14

Bezorgd Liendert

Communistische Jongerenbeweging

DENK Amersfoort

De Rode Lap

DWARS Utrecht

GroenLinks Amersfoort

JS Utrecht

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ROOD Utrecht

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Volt Amersfoort

Vrije Bond Utrecht

Wij Weigeren De Huurverhoging

XR Amersfoort


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