Video stream

Amersfoort - 30 januari 2022

On this page you can find all information about the Woonrevolte day itself. Keep visiting our website regularly for the most actual info, or follow our social media accounts for updates.

Time and location


Eemplein, Amersfoort


Sunday, 30 januari 2022




Opening schedule at the Eemplein

  • Vera Andriessen - FNV Jong
  • Croesepoesen - Squatters Movement
  • Local Pirates - Muziek
  • Sandra - Extinction Rebellion
  • John van Ham - Jericho
  • Emma, Tim & Shanice - Woonrevolte

Route of the protestmars

Closing schedule

  • Jantje - Hotel Mokum
  • Daniel - Communistische Jongerenbeweging
  • Mike - Wij weigeren de huurverhoging

Getting there

  • The Eemplein, both the start and endlocation of the Woonrevolte, is close to the Amersfoort Central Station, and can be reached by foot. Take the north exit of the station to the Mondriaanplein (not the main exit), follow the Mondriaanlaan to the right until you reach the roundabout. Then, pass the Pathebuilding on the left and follow the Eemlaan until the water and then turn right to reach the startlocation of the Woonrevolte.

  • If you are using a wheelchair, then the easiest way back is probably also the Eemlaan to the north entrance of the station, because the Stationsstraat at the other side of the railroad is going up a hill.

  • Use the station main exit if you want to take the bus. Almost all buses towards Amersfoort-North pass the Eemplein busstop. From this busstop walk back towards the roundabout and then follow the Eemlaan on the left side of the Pathebuilding towards the water. Turn right at the water to reach the startlocation of the Woonrevolte. On your way back you can use the same busstop on the other side of the road, almost all busses that pass here go towards Amersfoort Central Station.

  • Are you coming by car? There are multiple parking garages in the neighbourhood of the Eemplein. The garages on the Eemlaan and the Sint Jorisplein are accessible for everyone and are marked by us with a blue P on the map below. There is also a parking garage under the Stadhuisplein, but it has only stairs and no elevators!

  • Accessibility

    We are trying to make the Woonrevolte accessible for everyone.

    1. Seats will be made available in front of the stage for people who find it difficult to stand for a long time.

    2. During the speeches, Dutch Sign Language interpreters (NGT and NmG) wil be on the stage to translate the speeches. Unfortunately there will be no enlarging screens, so make sure that you find a spot close in front of the stage if you want to have good view of the interpreter.

    3. In the neighbourhood of the protest are wheelchair-accessible toilets at the Central Station (70 Eurocent), in the Eemhuis library (50 Eurocent), the Dirk van den Broek supermarket at the Groningerstraat, and the HEMA (50 Eurocent). See the map below for the exact locations. The Hogenood App can be used to find more information about publicly accessible toilets in Amersfoort.

    4. The Eemplein can be reached from the side of the roundabout by a wheelchairramp, but it is easier to follow the Eemlaan to the left side of the Pathebuilding until the river Eem and then turn right to enter the Eemplein. See also the information under how to get there.

    5. The route of the march does not pass any stairs or any other obstacles, but halfway we pass the railroad through a lower biketunnel which has a notable height difference. Unfortunately we could not find an alternative route where we could avoid this passage. The route starts and ens at the Eemplein.

    6. We are organising the Woonrevolte in a coronaproof way, see also the information under corona measurements.

    7. During the protest, there will be a live videostream for those who are unable to visit the Woonrevolt. Please use the hashtag #Woonrevolte if you want to participate in the protest from home by social media. After the protest, we will also add dutch and english subtitles and make the recordings available online.

    8. Special thanks to Feminists Against Ableism for helping us with their advice!

    Corona measurements

    Safety is important, so we would like to ask you to follow these corona protective measurements.

    1. Take a selftest before you leave.

    2. Stay home if you are showing symptoms or if your selftest result is positive. During the protest, there will be a live videostream to make it possible to follow the Woonrevolte from home. Follow our social media accounts for more information about this. Use the hashtag #WoonRevolte if you are watching from home and want to join the Woonrevolte on social media.

    3. Always wear a face mask during the protest, both during the manifestation and during the march.

    4. Preserve the 1.5m distance as much as possible, both during the manifestation and during the march. Follow the guidelines from our volunteers.

    5. Be careful when arriving back home, try to avoid meeting other people immediately after the protest whenever possible, and take another selftest a few days after the protest.